Imagine the possibilities…

LEDUBE blocks are stacked to build three dimensional display surfaces, allowing you to communicate your message in a whole new exciting way. Unleash your creativity and imagination, stacking up into eye-catching, unconventional and unique display objects.  These LED cube blocks can be stacked to build uniquely shaped objects to display images, making your display stand out at the next trade show or event. LEDUBE is an exciting new technology to create unique stage decorations, back-drops, illuminating floors, DJ booths, bar counters and more. What shape your display can be is only limited by your imagination.

LEDUBE display consists of 40mm pitch LED Pixel Bricks that are stacked to build up various shape video displays.  The bricks can be assembled into structural objects with multi-facet display surfaces. Each cube can create 2.1 million colors and, while working together, display amazing moving graphics and video. The system is configured using a suite of software that allows its users to simulate the entire process from building to image mapping to simulation of final display.

Feed your imagination with LEDUBE, the stackable LED Cubes, for building display structures of your dreams.  Stand out and display like you've never showcased before!  See it in action here.

For more information: or +1 201.753.5060